Volunteers, be they parents or friends of St Stephen's, are very welcome and a critical part of daily school life. Through involvement in classroom help, craft, tuckshop, uniform shop, P&F, School Board, mowing, working bees, or many other volunteer roles, your assistance enhances the quality of teaching and learning that we provide.

Due to a legislative requirement, it is now mandatory that all volunteers (including parents of St Stephen's students) undergo student protection training. Brisbane Catholic Education has developed a training package to help facilitate this process. This package includes:

  • Volunteer Student Protection Handbook
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Volunteer Suitability Declaration
  • Volunteer Register Sheet

As a volunteer, you are required to read the handbook and sign the appropriate pages, and return the following forms to the school office:

  • Volunteer Student Protection Information Sign Off
  • (last page of Student Protection Handbook)
  • Volunteer Suitability Declaration
  • School Volunteer Register Sheet

Your name will then be added to a central St Stephen's volunteer register. Hence, you only need to participate in this process once regardless of the various volunteer activities you may engage in.

Before continuing in your volunteer capacity, you must comply with the legislative requirement. Please ensure you download the Student Protection Training Package mentioned above or request one to be sent home to you.

Another change of practice resulting from this legislation, is that all volunteers must sign in and out of the front office when working in the school.  A sign in/out book is located in the front foyer of the Office, along with volunteer labels. Please remember to sign in via the Office before moving to other areas of the school.

Non-Parent Volunteers (this includes grandparents of school students)

In addition to the above, all non-parent volunteers at our school must also undergo employment screening and receive a Positive Notice Blue Card for Volunteers. This positive notice is now an essential requirement, under the Queensland Legislation, before volunteering can occur for you within our school.

In conclusion please remember to return the following items to the School Office at your earliest convenience.

  • a completed Volunteer Register Sheet
  • a signed Volunteer Student Protection Information Sign Off Sheet
  • a completed Volunteer Suitability Declaration
  • a copy of your Positive Notice and a photocopy of your Blue Card (if you are a non-parent volunteer)

Useful Links

Volunteer Registration Pack

Blue Card Information - necessary for all non-parent volunteers (including grandparents)