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 Parents & Friends Association

​The school’s P&F Committee meets on a monthly basis. All parents are encouraged to attend to be informed about school activities and share in decisions concerning the P&F. Fundraising activities conducted by the P&F provide for many resources and school improvements. 


P&F Executive Committee:

President – Kathryn O'Toole
Vice President – Lynda McKenzie
General Secretary – Marina Sellwood
Minutes Secretary - Paula Colombano
Treasurer – Samantha Harris



Pastoral Care and Welcoming and Belonging Coordinator – Leisa Galland
Working Bee Coordinator – Matt Hunter
Social Coordinator – Tamara McDonald
Grants Coordinator – Melinda Kretchmann
General Committee Members –
Chantell Barwick, Shannean Maskalans, Angela Marsden, Cathy Smith, Carmel Williamson

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