About the School Board

​A School Board was established in 2006. The purpose of a School Board is to ensure that the school is working towards the achievement of the vision and goals of the Brisbane Catholic Archdiocese, Brisbane Catholic Education and the school's own Vision and Mission Statements.
Board membership represents a range of community stakeholders however the majority of members are parents of current St Stephen’s students.  Membership is made up of: 
• The Principal (ex-officio member)
• A Parish representative (ex-officio member nominated by the Parish)
• A Teacher representative (elected by staff)
• Up to nine parent members (new members elected by the Board)
• Up to two co-opted members (optional and appointed by the Board)
Board office holders include:
• The Chairperson (elected by the Board and excludes ex-officio members)
• The Secretary (appointed by the Board)
• Accountant/Financial Advisor (appointed by the Board)

The Board may be required to make decisions, engage in discussions or provide direct assistance in any of the following topic areas: 
1. School statements of Vision, Mission and Special Religious Character
2. Strategic plan and goals
3. School policies
4. Financial management & budgetary settings
5. Provision and maintenance of school buildings and plant
6. Communication and reporting
7. Curriculum
8. Staffing
9. Catholic School Board training
10. Matters referred to the Board by the principal
The Board works collaboratively within the framework set out by the “Model Constitution and Commentary for Catholic Education Boards in Queensland”.  While the Board utilizes its diverse membership to establish strategic plans and goals and to set policy directives it plays no role in the day to day running of the school.  Implementation of plans and policies are operational tasks and all operational aspects of the school are the responsibility of the principal and staff.
For more information on the purpose and work of a school board, please click here.