Active School Travel

As part of Council’s Active School Travel program, we surveyed our students over one week to find out how they travel to school.  The survey results are back and unfortunately, they show that a huge 88% of students are currently driven to school.

This year, our goal is to encourage and enable more students to walk (or Park and Stride), cycle, scooter, carpool or take public transport to and from school. This will not only reduce traffic congestion at the school gate, but also improve our health and fitness, create a cleaner environment and make streets safer!

Research shows only 41% of Australian children are active for the recommended minimum of one hour every day.
Our goal for this year is to have (50%) of students actively travelling to school – how can you actively travel this week?

WALK - Leave the car at home and walk your kids to school. If you live too far away, drive part of the way and walk the rest. We call that ‘Park and Stride’.

CYCLE - Ride with your children to school. It is legal to ride on the footpath and remember to always have your helmet secured.

SCOOTER - It’s fun to scooter to school. Just like cycling, stick to the footpath and remember your helmet.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Public transport is easy once you know how. For bus, train and ferry timetables, visit

CAR POOL - Find a friend and car pool to school. It is an easy way to save money and time. Talk to other parents in your child’s class or at music and sport to see who is going your way.

R​emember that EVERY Tuesday is now Trekking Tuesdays.