Adore for 24

​This week we celebrated 24 consecutive hours of Eucharistic Adoration and prayer. One of our main focuses of prayer was for the wellbeing of those who are unwell and suffering within our community. Thank you to all the people who visited the Chapel throughout the 24 hour period.

The day began with a Staff Mass led by Fr Terry in our school Chapel. You know we have a united and committed staff when everyone who could make it came along, knowing full well it was not an expectation. Thank you to the staff for your commitment to the faith life of our school community.


Once the Mass was over and the Blessed Sacrament was exposed on the Altar, Each class visited the Chapel for about 30 minutes. These sessions were run by Marnie Hewitt. Marnie is the Campus Minister at St Thomas More College. We sincerely thank Marnie and STMC for facilitating such engaging and prayerful session. The responses from the children were astounding. Here are a few of the students’ written reflections.

“Jesus wants me to see who I really am. He wants me to be myself and never give up.”

“Jesus wants me to come and see him so I can talk to him. So he can help me with my mistakes. So he can forgive my sins. Jesus wants me to come and see how much he cares about me.”

“Jesus wants me to see in my heart that my great Nanna is still with me and that she wants me to love all people.”

“He wants me to see hope. He wants me to know that in the darkest situations, the saddest moments THERE WILL BE HOPE. And in these situations, my heart can come to him for advice and I will always find a way.”

“Jesus wants me to see that I am not ugly.”

When the school day concluded, families from our school, parishioners from OLOL and OLOF and friends from around Brisbane began to fill the Chapel and pray for our community. We had at least 100 people visit throughout the night. Thank you so much for giving up you time to pray, spend time with Jesus and support the faith life of St Stephen’s.

Finally, we concluded Adore for 24 with a Whole School Mass in the Hall. This began with all of the students who participated in the Come and See program with STMC, processing with Fr Terry and the Blessed Sacrament from the Chapel to the Hall. There, our whole school celebrated Mass. Thank you to the students from Come and See who led the music. Thank you to the STMC students who led t​he reading and altar serving. Thank you to Fr Terry for celebrating the Mass. And Thank you to all who participated in the Mass. Our Students displayed outstanding reverence.

May Jesus remain with us in each of our hearts and in our school community. May he remind us to keep faith, hope and love. May we always know his presence. May we be transformed by his perfect love. May we be inspired to do what we can to make our lives and the lives of those around us a little bit better each day.