Astronomy Field Night

astronony.jpgThe Astronomy Field Night evening wouldn’t have happened without the generosity of one of our Year 2 parents. He very kindly shared two of his telescopes so students and parents could view Saturn and Mars. His enthusiasm for astronomy made for a very enjoyable evening. 

“It was fun and we got to see Saturn with it’s rings and Mars.”
Bianca 5B

“I thought it was a great experience looking at Saturn and Mars. It was so fun and the cool breeze made it even better!.”
Rebecca 5B

“I went to the first year 5 Astronomy night. We learned a lot and we got to look through two real telescopes. We saw Mars, Saturn and a plane. We all had to bring a torch due to the fact that it was night..”  Erica 5B

“I got to look at planets through a telescope, we looked at Saturn, Mars and stars. Saturn looked the coolest. It was a great experience!”  Krystal 5B​