Inland Rail

​The battle to have both the Federal and State Governments to reconsider the route of the Inland Rail project continues. Farmers in the Condamine Region have had success in getting the Federal Government to review the route the Inland Rail project was going to take through their region. The farmers have realised that it is a flawed proposal and will decimate their community, now it is time to remind the government how it will decimate our community.

Please email and send a formal letter to our Deputy Prime Minister and make it clear how our community will be affected by this project. Please comment on:

  • Pollution from coal being transported through suburbs and close to schools
  • Noise pollution from 1.8 km trains, 24/7
  • The increased heavy vehicle traffic in our area when transporting freight from Acacia Ridge to the Port of Brisbane.
  • Huge impact it will have on residential values
  • 50000+ people this will negatively impact.

Hon Michael McCormack
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Email: Michael.McCormack Deputy Prime Minister (

Please post a formal letter as well, as it is compulsory they respond.