Living the Liturgy - Scripture Challenge Book

​If you haven’t heard about the Living the Liturgy Program yet, it is a school wide program aimed at enhancing the sacramentality, outreach culture, prayerfulness and formation of the St Stephen’s School community. Through learning about and engaging with the Catholic Mass, the students are given multiple opportunities to live out Jesus’ Mission in practical and enjoyable ways.

It is our hope that all of the students at St Stephen’s will gain a deeper knowledge, appreciation and love for the Catholic Mass and recognise how it can enrich the lives of all people.

As a part of this program, students from across all the grades produce a book called the Scripture Challenge Book. This book is compiled of students’ work which challenges the reader to read, understand and live out the Word of God in their everyday lives. We pro-duced this book last year for Prep to 6, and this year we will be producing 2 books (one from P-2 and one from 3-6) so that more students have an opportunity to showcase their work.

The Scripture Challenge Book will go on sale from Week 9 of this term so watch this space! All of the profit goes toward supporting the Blind Eye Centre in South Brisbane. Check out their website to see what they do:

The Year 5 students will take the profits, along with some Scripture Challenge books to the centre on the 25th of July. There they will learn about homelessness and poverty and what we can do to support those suffering and in need. Incidentally, this visit kicks off the year 5/6 Leadership Program called ‘Launch’. We have made this the first event of Launch as it emphasizes for the students the importance Servant Leadership, and putting other peoples’ needs before our own wants.LvingTheLiturgy.jpg