New Vision & Mission Statements

​Our Vision Statement is a statement on what we would like to become. Our Mission Statement is how we are going to make this a reality and our Values Statement is the foundation upon which we will build our future. The values that underpin what we do.  I look forward to celebrating the launch of these statements with our community in a Week 8.

Here is our St Stephen’s new Vision, Mission and Values Statements. We have had over 600 submissions from students, staff, parents and parishioners that contributed to the formation of our these Statements. A vital component in understanding these is to read the unpacking of the language. This will provide a deeper insight into the meaning of each statement.


To be a welcoming and caring Catholic community, where all people are truly valued and seek to be the very best of themselves.

Unpacking the Language:

“welcoming and caring Catholic community” - A community that knows its own identity. An identity grounded in the Catholic Church, inspired by the lives of the saints, especially St Stephen, St Mary Mackillop, St Thomas Aquinas and St Francis of Assisi, and led by God through the Holy Spirit. Through this identity, we aim to foster a Christian hospitality that is welcoming to all people and genuinely cares for all people.

“truly valued” - Made in the image and likeness of God, we are all unimaginable precious to God. At St Stephen’s we hope to imitate God’s love by respecting and caring for each other so that we may experience being loved.

“seek to be the very best of themselves” – seeking to be the very best of yourself is to be a saint. This does not mean to be without sin or error, but to strive to live a virtuous life where you actively seek and use all of the gifts that God has bestowed upon you for the good of all.


Driven by the life and teachings of Jesus, our mission is to actively shape and enrich the spiritual and educational journey of students, staff, families and all people within our community. Offering excellence in learning and teaching, we embrace differences and individuality, whilst living in harmony with God’s creation.

Unpacking the Language:

“life and teachings of Jesus” - This is otherwise referred to as the Gospel or the Good News of Jesus Christ. The good news is that Jesus came to redeem the world, each and every person, through an unconditional love which brings the hope of everlasting life, if we only have the faith accept it.

“shape and enrich the spiritual and educational journey” - Through a holistic curriculum and contemporary pedagogy, students are challenged to grow in all aspects of their being (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social). Meeting people where they are at on their journey, we hope to shape the all the aspects of their being through enriching experiences.

“students, staff, families and all people within our community” - As a school our main focus is on nurturing the development of students, however we aim to positively effect all people that fall within our sphere of influence/contact.

“excellence in learning and teaching” – In keeping with the directions of Brisbane Catholic Ed-ucation, we are guided by contemporary research on best practice for learning and growth. Our education is student led, driven by data and evidence, targeted at the individual level and goal orientated using a contemporary learning approach which aims to engage every student at every point on their learning adventure.

“embrace differences and individuality” – Believing that all people are made in the image and likeness of God, we can better accept peoples’ individual and unique identity, personalities, be-liefs, dispositions, socio-cultural position, ethnicity, gender and age.

“living in harmony with God’s creation” – As God ordained stewards of creation, we, as hu-man beings, have been charged with the responsibility to care for the Earth and all living things within it. We are guided by Pope Francis’ encyclical letter ‘Laudato Si’ (Care for our Common Home).​

Our Values, Our Foundation Stones (Core Values)
and what they mean in our context:

At St Stephen’s, Courage is recognising our vulnerabilities, building resilience and overcoming struggles.
Standing firm in our beliefs, we step out into the unknown, whilst always speaking and acting from the heart.

At Saint Stephen’s, Wisdom is knowing what is good in ourselves, in others, and in the world, through the gift of God’s grace.
Through God’s eyes we see the needs of others.
Through God’s ears we listen to the knowledge and truth of others.
Through God’s loving heart we respond with justice and charity.

At St Stephen’s, Faith is using our inner strength to trust in things not easily seen; believing in God, in ourselves and in others.
With God in our hearts, we stand firm as a community to share the Good News of the Gospel

Please join us in celebrating our new Vision, Mission and Values Statement …..​