Project Compassion

​We have kicked off the Caritas Project Compassion with a bang! Each week at assembly, the students will learn about where our money will be going. Every family should have received a Project Compassion Box. You may choose to keep that box for the duration of Lent (until Week 10), or you may want your child to bring it in sporadically throughout the term to empty the money in either the classroom box or the office box. As long as all the money is collected by Week 10.

We decided to make some extra incentives for the school. If the students raise:
  • $1000 - Free Dress day! (Wear Purple for Lent)
  • $2000 - Teacher Vs Student Dodge Ball!
  • $3000 - Crazy hair Day!
  • $4000 - School Disco with free goodies!
  • $5000 - Mr Chalmers, Mr Beiers, Mr Smith, Mr Thomsen and Mr Manitta will shave their heads!!