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 Remarkable Moments Day

​Last Friday we celebrated our Remarkable Moments’ Day. Many children were discussing in class what it is to be a remarkable student and the remarkable moments that they have had in their learning this year.

Here are some comments from year 6.

A remarkable moment for me in my learning this year was learning so much in Maths and noticing how much I have improved..
I think being a remarkable student is about being there for other people and including them.
A remarkable moment for me was that in the beginning of the year I didn’t like to write stories and ‘do’ English but now I enjoy doing it.
A remarkable student is about never giving up…
It’s about constantly trying your best, even if you don’t get the perfect grade, it’s still important to try and have courage that we can all succeed and be proud no matter what your grade.
I was struggling with one of our maths concepts this year but I kept on asking questions and eventually I got it.
It’s about learning to accept mistakes and instead of taking mistakes as a negative, take them as a positive learning experience. Remarkable students learn from their mistakes.