STEM Competition

Our St Stephen's STEM competition is up and running again! Does your child love to create and design things? All students in Years 2 - 6 are welcome to enter.

Students need to submit:

  • a labelled drawing of their design outlining what materials are used

  • a description of the design and testing process, outlining what challenges were faced, and how designs had to be modified to improve the design (this can be written or recorded)

  • a description of what causes the movement (eg pushing/pulling forces, energy, gravity etc)

  • Students need to present and explain their creations to a staff panel on Monday of week 10 (14th September). Winners will be announced on assembly that day. Winners will receive a scholarship for after school classes with Jnr Engineers in Term 4 (valued at approximately $260!)

Any students who wish to enter the competition need to register their name, grade and design name at the office. Entries close on Friday 11th September. Please contact Naomi Doyle if you have any questions.

Naomi Doyle
Primary Learning Leader​