Stewards of St Stephen's Way

Last year the community came together to create a beautiful bush walk around the back border of our school, called "St Stephen's Way". The walk is designed for students and families to engage in wonder and awe of creation. Pope Francis wrote a letter to the Church entitled Laudato Si based on "Caring for Our Common Home". In that letter he encourages us to live Laudato Si by recognising the sacredness of creation and actively caring for the environment in which we live.

The St Stephen's Way was a project that came about by the collective of our school community. Our Year 6 students designed it, the P & F Association coordinated the working bees to prepare and maintain the walk, Build and Grow Landscapes (a dad at our school) planted the trees and our Catchment Club designed and planted out sections of the walk.

It is our hope that the St Stephen's Way continues to be a collective community project, where the families at our school recognise your part in the creating of, maintaining of, and benefiting from the walk. With this in mind, we are inviting families to become the "Stewards of St Stephen's Way" for a month. Basically, 12 families a year have the responsibility of caring for the St Stephen's Way and keeping it beautiful.

Here is what it would involve for your designated month:

  • Water the plants 2 to 4 times in the month - depending on the weather. Hose provided.
  • Rubbish removal
  • Weed removal

If you are interested in signing your family up to be the Stewards of St Stephen's Way for a month, email me ( and let me know a month that you would prefer. I will put out a calendar for the year (through the Parent Portal, in the Newsletter and in the Office) and contact you prior to your month to run you through the procedure. We will put out a new calendar each year, so that more families are given the opportunity to a be a part of this.

I look forward to working with families who are keen to care for our common home!