Vinnies Christmas Appeal

Our Lady of Fatima Conference, Acacia Ridge have asked us to collect items for families in need within our local area. We will be collecting items up until November 25th. If you are keen to support these families, you can send your children to school with the items listed below. Each grade has been asked to get specific items, however, if you have other items on the list feel free to bring them in.

Christmas Hamper Suggested Items St Stephen’s School 2019
Prep and Year 6
1. Coffee
2. Tea bags
3. Milo or drinking chocolate powder
4. Sugar 1 kg
5. Long-life milk
6. Cordial or soft drink

Year 1 and Year 5
7. Long-life juice
8. Canned fruit
9. Canned vegetables
10. Canned soup
11. Canned baked beans
12. Canned spaghetti

Year 2 and Year 4
13. Canned tuna or salmon – 1 large can or 3 small cans
14. Rice & jar of sauce to go with rice, eg, Asian cooking sauces such as Sweet & Sour, Butter Chicken, etc.
15. Dried pasta & jar of pasta cooking sauce
16. Tomato sauce or ketchup

Year 3
17. Savoury biscuits
18. Sweet biscuits
19. Long-life custard
20. 2 pkts jelly crystals
21. Mayonnaise or salad dressing

No chocolates please as they melt in our climate and we do not have any refrigerated storage.
No toys please as we don’t have the resources to handle them appropriately.