Welcome Garden - We need your "Language"

At the centre of our school we are developing a “Welcome Garden” designed by particular students in the school. At the centre of that garden we will have a structure displaying the words “Welcome” or “Peace be with you” in every language spoken by families in our school. We are currently trying to correctly translate those words in every language. Thank you to those who contacted me to make corrections to your language. I have made those changes below. If you haven’t already, please check the following:
  • Have we missed your family’s language?
  • Have we translated your family’s language correctly?
  • ​If there are several translations included for your language, which one is best suited?
  • ​If there is not a​n English pronunciation guide in (brackets) beside the words, can you send me that?
​Please email me with any corrections lthomsen@bne.catholic.edu.au