uniform.jpgAt St Stephen’s School, students are expected to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming which:

  • supports a positive atmosphere where study and learning can flourish.
  • promotes school unity and pride.
  • presents an appropriate image of our school to the broader community and to each other.

Implementation of our Uniform & Grooming Policy

Uniform Shop

Please note the Uniform Shop will only operate on Tuesday and Friday mornings before school. (8.00am—9.00am) For your convenience you can download a Uniform Price list at any time, fill in the order, include your payment and send it care of the office. We will then be able to promptly fill your order and send items home via your child’s class.


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Formal Uniform

Girls Boys
Blue checked dress or
Blue checked blouse with
Navy blue skirt, navy blue culottes
or navy blue shorts
Navy blue shorts with
blue checked shirt
Blue socks with red stripes Blue socks with red stripes
Black leather shoes or black joggers Black leather shoes or black joggers
Navy blue hat Navy blue hat
Suggestion: Navy blue cotton sports briefs or Navy blue bike pants to wear under skirt or dress

Informal/Sports Uniform

Girls Boys
Navy blue shorts or navy blue culottes Navy blue shorts
Blue sports polo shirt Blue sports polo shirt
Black joggers Black joggers
Navy blue hat Navy blue hat

Winter Wear

Girls Boys
Navy blue & red tracksuit Navy blue & red tracksuit
Navy sweater (optional) Navy sweater (optional)
Navy blue tights

Prep Wear (Girls and Boys)

Red & navy polo shirt, blue socks with red stripes and navy blue hat.

Implementation of Uniform & Grooming Policy

1. Students and parents should note the following:

  • uniforms should be clean, tidy and in good repair.
  • hair should be clean and tidy.  Hair longer than collar length must be tied back with a red ribbon/band.
  • extreme hairstyles, which draw attention to the student through cut, colour, additive products, etc., are not permitted.  (Mohawk haircuts, rat tails and other similar cuts are not permitted.)
  • fingernails must be clean, well trimmed and unpolished.
  • acceptable jewellery may include: a watch, chain and cross or Christian religious symbol, signet ring and sleepers or studs (one per ear lobe).

each item of clothing should be clearly named.

2. Students who are in breach of the school’s uniform and grooming standards will be:

  • given a verbal reminder by a teacher or the principal.
  • given a note to take home to parents indicating the standard that has been breached, the correction required and the specified period of time in which the correction should be made.

3. Ultimately, students must adhere to the uniform and grooming policy and regulations.  Failure to do so may result in the need to review a student’s continuing enrolment at the school.

4. The final decision regarding the standard of grooming and uniform wear rests with the school principal or the principal’s nominee.