A Message from our Principal

I would like to acknowledge the staff, students and parents of St Stephen’s School for warmly welcoming me to this wonderful school community.

I have been thoroughly impressed by the strong spirit of community that exists here and I look forward to being a part of this wonderful school moving forward. There is a great sense of energy and enthusiasm within the staff, and I can guarantee that they do their very best each day to care for and educate your children.

This is one of the most picturesque school settings I’ve worked in, and the classroom learning spaces are attractive and contemporary. In addition, the staff at St Stephen’s work together in collaboration so that your children can benefit from the individual gifts and talents of all members of the team. I also note that our school officers work very hard to support the teachers and students in our learning pods every day.

Finally, and most importantly it is very clear that the Catholic Identity of the school is very strong. The children have so many reference points in the form of visuals/quotes and spaces throughout the school reminding them of their call to imitate Jesus through their words and actions. Our Theme this year is “Walk the St Stephen’s Way”. This theme will be unpacked at length as we take the journey of 2024 together as a community.

I strongly encourage all parents to join us in the school hall on either Wednesday (P-2) or Thursday (3-6) of next week to hear from the leadership team and classroom teachers. The leadership presentation which commences on both days at 5.30pm will outline the 3 key priorities for the year ahead and provide more information about our 2024 theme to “Walk the St Stephen’s Way”. You will then be invited to your child’s classroom for specific information about what will be happening in our learning pods in 2024.

John Bates

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