Christmas Appeal

We are collecting the following items for our local Vinnies conference to give to local families in need. If you would like to give, please send items in with your children to take to the stage in the hall. 

Our Lady of Fatima Conference, Acacia Ridge Christmas Hamper Suggested Items

  1. Instant coffee or tea bags
  2. Milo or drinking chocolate powder
  3. Sugar 1 kg
  4. Long-life milk
  5. Cordial or soft drinks
  6. Long-life juice
  7. Canned fruit, ie.fruit salad, peaches, pears etc
  8. Sweet biscuits, crackers, arnott’s, snacks etc
  9. Long-life custard
  10. 2 packets jelly crystals
  11. Christmas cake or Christmas pudding – store brands are fine
  12. Fruit mince tarts – Aldi brand or store brands are fine
  13. Tinned ham
  14. Christmas crackers (bon-bons)
  15. Confectionary, lollies, sweets, nuts etc.
  16. Potato chips or savoury snacks, eg, Twisties, popcorn, etc.
  17. Breakfast Cereal ie Weetbix, cornflakes, etc.
  18. Cash or gift cards.

No chocolates please as they melt in our Christmas heat

No toys please as we don’t have the resources to handle them appropriately.

God bless you all and thank you to everyone for your continued support for those in need.

“faith without good works is dead” James 2:26