Inland Rail Project


This is what it will mean to our community if the project is not altered:

  • 3000+ extra trucks per day that will be on our suburban roads once the freight line is fully operational. Even if you don’t hear the trains, you will be impacted.
  • The 1.8km trains roaring through densely populated suburbs, 24 hours per day / 7 days per week
  • Devastatingly high levels of noise pollution that WILL impact every aspect of our lives.
  • Air pollution from diesel trains that WILL cause health issues.
  • Our homes that we have worked so hard for will become virtually worthless.

Talk to your neighbours about the impact this will have on us.

Contact our politicians:

  • Angela Owen: 31317022 /
  • Leeanne Enoch: 37372110 /
  • Jim Chalmers: 32995910 /

Rally together. Demand answers, demand to be heard. It is not too late!!

Join the Inland Rail Action Group Kagaru to Acacia Ridge, sign the petition.

Bombard the ARTC with objections: 1300550402 /

Contact St Stephen’s to purchase a sign ($10). Put it on your fence, front yard. There has only been a couple of families who have purchased a sign. We need many, many more to get these up and about in our community to get people talking about this project and the devastating impact it will have on our beautiful community.

Please come in and see me if you would like to know more about this flawed project and the impacts it will have on this community. We have to stop this!

No profit is made from the sale of these signs. It covers costs only.