Key Player Afternoon Tea

"On 24 October, an afternoon tea with the principal took place in the office. Students were able to attend this wonderful experience by collecting Key Player tickets which were drawn out of their cohort Key Player box, at the end of Week 3. Only three people from each year level attended, so in total, 21 students were present.

On Tuesday afternoon, we were called through the school's speakers to come down to the office for the afternoon tea. All 21 students walked down to the office with excitement. They lined up at the office door, patiently waiting, to be invited inside. Mrs Burman lead us to the afternoon tea, which was at the far end of the office. As all the students walked into the lovely space, their faces lit up with joy seeing all the food the school had kindly provided for them.

Everyone joyfully sat down in their places and listened to Mr Quinn, our principal. Then, after a little prayer, we were invited to eat. After a happy time spent together, unfortunately, it had to come to an end.

There is still another Principal’s Afternoon Tea, later this year, so students can still be rewarded for showing Key Player behaviours during lunch times and before and after school.

Good job to all who have already earned some!"

By Micah

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