Keeping in Touch with your Spirit

In these times of social distancing, it is easy to become disconnected from others and from our spiritual life. I want to share with you a few ways that my family and I stay connected with our Church and our friends. These ideas may also benefit you and your family.
  1. Celebrate “Mass for the People”.
    Every Sunday Archbishop Mark or his associate priests celebrate a Mass for the people at St Stephen’s Cathedral in the city at 10am. They live stream this Mass to their YouTube Channel. My family and I bring up YouTube on our TV, we set up our living room with a few candles and cloths, we enter into the space as though it was a church building, and we participate in the Mass as if we were there. It is a really nice thing to do because straight after Mass we have a little BBQ or picnic outside, and it has become a really fun family tradition that the kids love doing. Here is the link to the Archdiocese channel:

  2. Have a “House Party”!
    I have a few different groups of friends that either I would regularly catch up with or my family and I would catch up with… just like most people. Well, there is no reason to stay disconnected from them. A few weeks ago I discovered the app “House Party”. It is a really user-friendly communication app where you can chat with one or more people at a time. You can even play games together and they are actually really fun. Yesterday I played Pictionary with a friend who is currently in the Caribbean and another friend on the Gold Coast! Just make sure you “lock the room” or you might have another friend crash your house party!

  3. Reach out to those in need.
    I know many of you have been involved in charitable works; helping the elderly, the poor, the homeless, refugees etc. And with the restrictions, a lot of that has had to cease. I suggest being creative to find ways you can help others. One of the most negative impacts on our health is feeling isolated. And I can assure you that there is someone you know who is feeling that way. Reach out to them. Give them a call. Have a “House Party” with them, write them a card.

    I have seen a lot of elderly people at the shops doing their groceries. I always think, “do they not know anyone who could do that for them”? If there is an elderly or vulnerable person on your street, in your family, or just someone you know, ask them if you can get their groceries for them.​​
​Our Parish also has a section of their website dedicated to Staying Connected while in isolation.  Click on the button below to access it.