Well done!

We raised $8195!!  

Thank you to all of the parent "celebrity goalies"! Your presence was very much appreciated. Your goalie skills, however, leave a lot to be desired!

Congratulations to Year 2 who won the ice-block party for the outstanding commitment. They raise $3300 alone!

Thank you to Sue and Martin from Catholic Mission for coming along and letting us know how the money will be used.

Thank you to the Lions FC for sending out Luca. He was a great goalie.

Thank you to Lucas' family for providing the Timore Lester Tais for the prayer space.

Thank you to Brisbane Roar for bringing out 2 A-League players Louis Zabala and Nicola Mileusnic to lead the Socktober finals.

Thank you to Danny and the Acacia Ridge FC for your donation, which will be given out at assembly on Monday to those students who raised over $100 for Socktober.

Most of all thank you to all those who signed up and sponsored a student. Your contributions will be used well to support children in need in Timore Leste.