Under 8s Day

We will be celebrating Under 8s Day at St Stephen's on Wednesday 15th May. The theme for 2024 is, 'Connecting to Culture Through Play'. All parents and caregivers are invited to attend a liturgy in the hall at 8:40am to commence the day. The children are invited to wear their favourite 'play clothes' for the day. These clothes need to be sun safe and include closed-in shoes. Free lunch will be provided for the children (Pizza). Students will need the following items:

  • ​school hat
  • ​water bottle
  • ​munch and crunch (fruit or vege)
  • ​snack

Free Dominoes pizza (ham and cheese or just cheese) will be served at first break for the students. Vegan (dairy free) and gluten free pizzas will be given to those students with allergies listed on their school profile.

Please see recent email for all the details.