Key Learning Areas

Religious Education

class.jpgOur school is an integral part of the parish community. The school religious education program prepares children for full participation in the life of the parish. The Religious Education Guidelines for the archdiocese are followed and teachers avail themselves of regular inservice opportunities in this area.
The Assistant to the Principal-Religious Education (APRE) is a key member of the administration team and plays a major role in the achievement of the school's aims. The A.P.R.E. is released from teaching duties each week for the purpose of coordinating the school's Religious Education Program.
Because the Catholic faith is central to our school's aims, Christian values including mutual respect, shared responsibility, encouragement and co-operation, are fostered.
The school endeavours to encourage personal commitment and worship through:
  • the gentle initiation of early years school children into year level and school liturgies, prayer assemblies and masses
  • the inclusive involvement of all children in school worship
  • through cooperation with the parish in the preparation of children for the reception of the sacraments.



Sport and physical education

Our school endeavours to maintain a balance between the teaching of physical skills and sports competition.  Inter-school Sport is a component of our Physical Education program commencing at Year 5. 



At St Stephen’s School, we recognise the tremendous impact technology has in all areas of society. Therefore, we endeavour to expose children to a variety of technologies, particularly computers and information 
technology. By using computers and related technologies in the classroom, students are able to acquire skills and attitudes that will extend and enrich their learning. They are given opportunities to use on-line information retrieval skills and electronic mailing and to assess, manage and handle information in many forms and on a variety of subjects.

Retention & Promotion

Promotion from one year level to the next is based on a child's readiness.  This is determined by assessing factors such as his/her academic, social and physical development.  When the retention of a child is under consideration, parents, teachers and the principal will be involved in the decision-making process.  Consideration for the retention of a child would take place in exceptional circumstances only.  In most instances this would only occur in the Prep year.