Our Prayer Garden

At St Stephen's, each year, the students learn about the four essential parts of the Catholic Mass. In Term 1, we focus on the Introductory Rite, which emphasises "Welcome" and "Gathering." It is a foundational Catholic teaching that all people are welcome, all people are supremely valuable, and all people are loved.

Each year the students engage in a project to show people these Catholic teachings through artworks. You will have noticed the Shalom Welcome Garden at the front of the office and the Welcome Guitar in the office. These were the ideas and work of previous students.

This year over 300 students have contributed to designing an artwork to go above our Prayer Garden. This Prayer garden, which is on the oval at the back of the Environmental Centre, was designed and created by two of our Year 6 students, Luke and Lucy. They saw an opportunity for a nice space where students could sit and pray at lunchtime.

Using all 300 designs, we have distilled the common themes to design the final artwork. We have selected 6 students whose artwork was most influential in the design. These students will contribute to the painting. This project will commence this coming week.

Congratulations to all the students who contributed their artwork and to the supervising staff for supporting these students in sharing their gifts and talents.

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