Social Emotional Learning

​​If we think optimistically it means that we expect things to mostly turn out well and we focus on the positives rather than the negatives in a situation. It also means that we understand that setbacks and difficult times happen to everyone but that things get better after a while. Teaching our students to be optimistic will help them to be better equipped to ‘bounce back’ when they face difficulties, frustrations and problems. It means that when they are faced with a problem they will be more likely to look for solutions rather than giving up and not trying.

Key messages to communicate to your child about being optimistic this week:

Look for the small good bits in the bad things that happen.

Sometimes things happen that you don’t like. But you can usually find something good in the situation if you try. Sometimes the good thing is that it could have been worse. Sometimes the good thing is the lesson you learned from it. Sometimes a small good thing happened anyway even if the rest was bad.

What can you do to help your child to look on the bright side this week?

Good memories

Help your child to make a photo album, slide show or little book of their favourite photos and to look at the photos to help them remember the good times when they need ‘brightening up’.