Walk the St Stephen's Way

Our Theme for 2024 is “Walk the St Stephen’s Way”. This is a special year for us to discover what it really means to walk the St Stephen’s Way every day. In 2019, our community came together to carve out a walking track around our school, which we call the St Stephen’s Way. This is a special track designed to allow people to connect with nature, pray, reflect or even just take a leisurely stroll. This physical walking track brought to life the notion of “walking the St Stephen’s way” as an ethos or even a shared set of values and standards that we hold for every person in our community. Out of this notion came “The St Stephen’s Way of Learning and Teaching” in 2022, which informs our shared teaching practices, and the “Walking the St Stephen’s Way” behaviour framework in 2024, which informs our shared expectations about behaviour. You can see this overview poster below.

The Scripture associated with the Theme is Matthew 18:20. In this Gospel, Jesus is telling his disciples, “where two or more people are gathered in My name, there I am among you”. When we walk the St Stephen’s way, we know that we are never alone. We always have Jesus as our guide, or companion and our destination. So let us Walk the St Stephen’s Way together, knowing Jesus is with us on the journey!

We have also written a theme song for the year, which teaches the students and the community about our school rules. It will be recorded with a film clip as we do each year.