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St Stephen was one of the early leaders of the Christian Church.  He has the distinction of being both the first deacon and the first martyr.

Well-educated and fluent in Greek, St Stephen preached the Gospel to those who were ultimately responsible for his trial and death by stoning.

logo.jpgAt his trial, St Stephen spoke of the beliefs with which he is associated today:

  • The positive powerful influence one’s own faith can have on others
  • The need to live one’s life according to values that have lasting importance.

The logo shows an active figure responding to the influences of learning (symbolised by the book) and the love of God (symbolised by the cross).  The palm frond is a symbol of martyrdom.  This is especially significant to St Stephen, as the first Christian martyr.  The figure in the logo is standing on stones that represent the solid moral foundation of a Catholic education.


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