Tuckshop Awards

​​2007 was a huge year for the St Stephen's Tuckshop. In October, our Tuckshop was awarded the top prize at the Queensland Association of School Tuckshop Awards event. We won the Queensland Tuckshop of the Year Award! It was noted by the judges that our Tuckshop offers only "green" (healthy) foods. Ours was the first Tuckshop in the state to develop an entirely "green" menu.

A further benefit to winning the award is that Stoddart’s donated $1500 worth of equipment to our Tuckshop.

The good news didn't stop there. In November 2007, we were awarded the Nutrition Australia's Golden Pyramid Award. The Nutrition Australia Healthy Foods criteria are even more stringent than the criteria used by QAST (Queensland Association of School Tuckshops). We are the first school to receive this award since the awards’ criteria were updated and re-launched, following the Queensland Government’s Smart Choices initiative.

As a result of receiving the two awards, we were soon making headlines on both television and radio. We received visits from Brisbane Extra, Channel 9's The Morning Show and also 97.3FM

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