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Our Tuckshop is known as the “Curlew Café due to the pair of “curlews” that live at our school.  At St Stephen’s we endeavour to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students.  Throughout our Health and Physical Education program we teach the children about the importance of eating balanced, nutritious foods. It is important for the Tuckshop to support this program; therefore, we follow the guidelines set out by the Queensland Government in their ‘Smart Choices’ strategy.  

We have been very successful in the running of this strategy and we have won many awards that congratulate  the hard work that our tuckshop convener and parent community have done and continue to do.


How to order from the Tuckshop? 

Tuckshop ordering is only​ available online via the Qkr! app.  Click on the Qkr! button below to create your Qkr! Account. Cash transactions/orders will not be accepted – the exception to this being the purchase of ice blocks at lunch (at 10:40am). Children will be able to bring change to buy an ice block over the counter at lunchtime.

You can download the Qkr! app directly, or access the link through the BCE Connect app.


Tuckshop Procedure

  • ​Online ordering must be done before 8am. After this time, ordering will not be possible.
  • All drinks ordered are collected from the tuckshop. Your child needs to bring their paper bag to the Tuckshop to receive their drink.
  • All frozen items (e.g. zooper doopers etc.) will need to be collected from the Tuckshop after your child has finished eating their lunch.
  • When the teacher on duty tells them, the children will be able to purchase over-the-counter snacks.
Please remind your child to ensure they look inside the basket for all other items such as gingerbread people, pikelets and yoghurt.


Tuckshop Volunteering​

The Tuckshop is a friendly and fun environment and a great way to meet other parents. No experience is necessary – just bring your sense of humour and everyone is most welcome.

You will need to have completed the BCE Volunteer Training course in order to volunteer in the Tuckshop. All volunteers who are not parents must also have a valid Blue Card.

Unfortunately, safety issues exclude younger siblings from coming into the Tuckshop.​
Danielle Collins
Curlew Café Convenor


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