Student Health

St Stephen's takes your child's health seriously and responsibly. The school keeps a health profile on all students enrolled at the school and has its own policies and procedures for protecting your child's health while attending school. Details are listed below:

Focus areas:

Student Health Profile

Information regarding your child’s health, which is provided at the time of enrolment, should be kept up-to-date. Please advise the office of any changes.

Accidents and illness

Should your child suffer from an accident or a sudden illness at school, office staff members will attempt to contact you by telephone. (Parents should advise the school of any changes to contact telephone numbers so that the school’s records are up-to-date and contact can be made in an emergency.)

The school will call an ambulance for medical emergencies.

Medication at school

The school will not administer medication to children, unless

1.  There are written instructions prescribed by a doctor or other legally qualified medical practitioner on the container that specify: 

  • the name of the child, 
  • the name of the medication, 
  • the dosage, 
  • the times the medication should be administered and 
  • the method of administration of the medication. 

 2.    The school holds a signed Medication Administration Request and/or Authority to Administer Paracetamol.  (These forms are available from the school office and the BCE Connect App and Parent Portal, and, in some instances, both a parent and a medical practitioner must sign.) 

Reducing the Spread of Infections

Infections with or without illness, are common in children. When children attend school they are exposed to a large number of children, increasing the opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases. It is not possible to prevent the spread of all infections and illnesses within schools, however a lot of illnesses from infectious disease can be prevented.

Please refer to the Reco​mmended Exclusion Periods for Infectious Conditions produced by Queensland Health​​