P&F Executive Positions


The President ensures an efficient and well-run organisation by:

  • establishing good relationships.
  • planning and chairing meetings in consultation with the Secretary & Principal.
  • following up on action from the previous meeting.
  • ensuring financial accountability.
  • communicating decisions to all community members.
  • responding to comments / correspondence.

The Vice President supports the President and the committee by:

  • chairing the meeting in the President’s absence.
  • sharing duties and responsibilities, as agreed.
  • taking responsibility for coordinating the activities of committees.
  • being supportive and attending meetings.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of the P&F’s finances. The Treasurer:

  • must keep accurate financial records of all receipts and expenditure.
  • must issue receipts for all monies received.
  • pay all accounts as authorised.
  • bank all monies regularly.
  • present a monthly financial report.
  • arrange for an audited financial report for the Annual General Meeting.
  • arrange for the monthly bank statement and reconcile deposits and cheque books with the statements.

The Secretary provides administrative support by:

  • collecting & distributing incoming mail from the school office.
  • Emailing committee members and the executive to gather information to be shared in the school’s newsletter.
  • sending notices to the school office to be included in the school newsletter.
  • adding information on the St Stephen’s Algester facebook page.


  • preparing and publishing an agenda.
  • obtaining reports from committees.
  • The minutes secretary is responsible for taking, publishing and distributing minutes from all P&F meetings. These need to be distributed promptly.
  • noting apologies.
  • checking minutes of previous meeting.
  • maintaining up to date records of the meetings.

General committee members participate in all decision making at the P&F meetings. They attend meetings, vote on issues, and provide ongoing support to the committee.